Kai aka Caymen was born in August 11th in the year of 1976.

Back in time and don't know where his ways lead. On first times, where he made music with Vinyl and CD’s, Kai aka Caymen from Germany is standing behind the turntables since 1993.
Loving Trance music and Psytrance his way went from various clubs of the scene to events with famous DJ’s and Producers.
His full energy uplifting Trance-Music-Sets attract people on the dancefloor like a lodestone accroaches iron.
After years of break in 2014 he founded together with a friend the DJ-Duo
' the neighbours ' with the intention to bring back Trance and Psytrance to Brunswick and the surrounding area.
The first public appearance was launched in the same year with a B2B open to close set on a big public event in Brunswick with an overwhelming response.
In 2015 he successfully was a part of the Demo/ Music-Parade through Brunswick with his first time to play on a truck followed by a after-show party.
In the end of 2015 he teamed up with a handful of trance lovers to the unique team Trance38, where he was one of three residents.
Side by side together he played with big DJ’s.

In February 2016 he gave his debut on the Radio Show called Trance is my 6th sense. But that was just the beginning. Many more guest mixes for radio stations in Germany, England and Norway followed as well as numerous life bookings for club events.

Until now, he’s looking forward to bring happiness to the crowd of party people with his style of music on your event.


10-03-17 Caymen & MarkL2K - Head Over (Redux Recordings)
18-08-17 Caymen - Verano (Redux Recordings)

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Artento Divini supports ' Skynet & BluePhoenix '
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F.G Noise supports ' Airdream & Gayax '