DJ Madwave
DJ Madwave
Madwave is more than just a professional DJ who captivates the crowd behind the deck! A visionary
young man of his time, in an evolutionary musical world. His dreams are synonymic of projects where
only the action will give them birth. A Swiss DJ who dares! His curiosity takes him outside our borders.
He discovers the world thanks to his passion for the trance music. It is with natural ease that he plays
in Australia, New Zealand, French Polynesia and in Europe particularly in Germany, Spain, France
and Italy. But it is here in Switzerland where he truly stands out as one of the pioners in the trance

DJ resident in the mythical Clubs in Zurich, Sektor11 (OXA), The Sensor and in the MAD club in
Lausanne, the club which has international fame. His energetic vibe and rhythm was seen at the
Street Parade (two official compilations of the event were mixed by DJ Madwave in 2001 and 2012)
also at the Motion Openair Festival (the 2013 trance compilation was mixed by DJ Madwave & Dave
Joy). DJ Madwave lives his success with humility and devotion to the music. He doesnʼt hesitate to
spread his ideas by creating, in 2005, his own event platform under the brands of "Mindcontrol",
"SYNERGY" and "trance4life". He is getting ready for the coming spring sharing with you his passion
with no limits!

In 2013, he made his debut on the label High Contrast Recordings and got support by Markus
Schulz, Rank1, Kyau&Albert, Antillas and many more. Following this success he played alongside
trance key players like Dash Berlin, Markus Schulz, Arctic Moon, Rank 1, Sean Tyas, Vicky Devine or
Andrew Rayel just to name a few.
2014 looks at being Madwaveʼs biggest year ever, with the release of his latest production "Hypnozer"
on Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Woody van Eydenʼs "HeavensGate (vol. 3)" compilation (FENology Recordings)
and already supported by Paul van Dyk, Pleasure on Redux Recordings, including a Remix by Rene
Ablaze & Global Influence, the Together Strong Anthem (Phoenix Recordings) and many other

Madwave sets the tone and his musical ambitions sound like a breath of freedom transmitted by its
unique SOUND!
Artento Divini supports ' Skynet & BluePhoenix '
Artento Divini supports ' Skynet & BluePhoenix '
F.G Noise supports ' Airdream & Gayax '
F.G Noise supports ' Airdream & Gayax '