Fischer & Miethig
Fischer & Miethig
In the studio...

Simon, the main producer of Mindsoundscapes and Fischer&Miethig, born in 1979,
has been fascinated and addicted to electronic music since his earliest childhood. He
soon began composing and creating his own melodies with his first Yamaha
synthesizer and some ordinary tracker software. After winning some prices in several
electronic music magazine competitions he met Peter and started a collaboration in
order to create trance music.
He is also the main producer of STONEPROPHET, BREAKSOUNDSCAPES and

Behind the turntables...

Peter, born in 1981, started his DJ career in the year 1996. After meeting Simon in
the year 1999 he decided to spin trance music. He has already had lots of gigs in
clubs and parties. He was djing in several discotheques and parties in Germany (Club
Avalon, Disco B2 Dancehouse, Disco PM, Ideal Club, Peaches Bar,Club Hell,
Inside Club Stadtbergen, Papasitos Bar, Zac’s Club,Pik Club, Juleps Bar and many
many more).


After the digital releases of „4 my sleepless friend“ and „Crystal Invitation“ on the
label SA-UK Music 2005 & 2006, Tillmann Uhrmacher decided to remix and
publish “Mindsoundscapes – Evangelion” .
The Stoneprophet Remix of MINDSOUNDSCAPES-Evangelion has been
published on Gary D-Trance 38 in May 2007. The vinyl version including Tillmann
Uhrmacher and Fischer&Miethig Remix came out in october 2007.
Since that time, they have released a number of several tracks on Redux Recordings
other labels.
Artento Divini supports ' Skynet & BluePhoenix '
Artento Divini supports ' Skynet & BluePhoenix '
F.G Noise supports ' Airdream & Gayax '
F.G Noise supports ' Airdream & Gayax '