The Enlightment
The Enlightment
The Enlightment is a duo from Holland which has a passion for (uplifting) trance.
We met each other a long time ago and after a while we noticed that we share that same passion for music and
started to create music by ourselves. In that time the trance music was rising sky high, which only motivated
us more and more to do what we like to do most: create music.

After a few years we released our first single. From then on, our productions
are supported by Aly & Fila, Manuel Le Saux, Menno de Jong, Ian Standerwick and many more.
We also host a monthly radio show, which contains the best of trance and progressive of that moment.
So now and then we also premiere our latest productions there.

For more information about us and our productions, please check the facebook page or our website
Manuel Le Saux supports 'STEEM SL'
Manuel Le Saux supports 'STEEM SL - Memories'
Roman Messer supports 'Davidi'
Roman Messer supports 'Davidi - Eternal Light'