RDX263 : Franco Scaravaglione - Majestic (Extended Mix)
Release Date 12/01/2018
Up next on Redux is Franco Scaravaglione with the stunning 'Majestic'. Blending a huge kick, rip roaring acid stabs, and a stunning lead melody with all of the elements you would expect from a dri...
REDUXRED101 : All Sandu - Positive (Extended Mix)
Release Date 09/02/2018
Up next on Redux Red Ukrainian producer All Sandu with the absolutely massive progressive trancer 'Positive'. 'Positive' is produced to perfection with expertly programmed drums, rolling bass lines...
RDX247 : TrancEye - Distant Dream (Extended Mix)
Release Date 15/09/2017
Up next on Redux Recordings and taking us on a spiritual journey is the incredible TrancEye with the brilliant 'Distant Dream'. 'Distant Dream' is a brilliantly produced euphoric trancer. Incorpora...
Izzy Meusen
In the early 90's, Izzy Meusen started experimenting with dance music. Finally, after several wanderings through different styles in the scene, he has found the passion he continues to love. Trance mu...
New limited Redux T-Shirt
New limited Redux T-Shirt
Double support from Aly & Fila for the new TrancEye
Double support from Aly & Fila for the new TrancEye