RDX259 : Six Senses - Return (Kiyoi & Eky Remix)
Release Date 15/12/2017
Next up on Redux Recordings Kiyoi & Eky provide a remix that is nothing short of spectacular of Six Senses amazing 'Return'. Produced to perfection throughout as you would expect from these guys, t...
RDX262 : Sajjad Zakaria - Big Bang
Release Date 05/01/2018
Up next on Redux Recordings is Sajjad Zakaria with the incredible 'Big Bang'. Produced to perfection with stunning melodies, lush pads, and brilliantly programmed kick and percussion. 'Big Bang' is...
RDX247 : TrancEye - Distant Dream (Extended Mix)
Release Date 15/09/2017
Up next on Redux Recordings and taking us on a spiritual journey is the incredible TrancEye with the brilliant 'Distant Dream'. 'Distant Dream' is a brilliantly produced euphoric trancer. Incorpora...
Squarz Kamel
Kamil Skrzypniak better known as Squarz Kamel was born in Wroclaw on the 9th of January 1993. His music story has begun in december 2006 with all kinds of trance music. This is the main style of Squar...
New limited Redux T-Shirt
New limited Redux T-Shirt
Double support from Aly & Fila for the new TrancEye
Double support from Aly & Fila for the new TrancEye