RDX138049 : LightControl & Nabil MJ - Underworld
Release Date 20/04/2018
Underworld has a classical intro with energetic waves of acids and real trance percussions followed by melodic and steady chords in the breakdown. These are covered by soft pads that are pulling you i...
RDXM005 : Vitalis - Talisman
Release Date 28/05/2018
Up next on the Redux Magic imprint we have Vitalis with the brilliant 'Talisman'. Vitalis has combined expertly programmed drums, a grooving electro bassline, beautiful melodies, and a mesmerizing ...
RDX247 : TrancEye - Distant Dream (Extended Mix)
Release Date 15/09/2017
Up next on Redux Recordings and taking us on a spiritual journey is the incredible TrancEye with the brilliant 'Distant Dream'. 'Distant Dream' is a brilliantly produced euphoric trancer. Incorpora...
Hiromori Aso
Hiromori Aso , is Japanese born and based in TOKYO City. He started composing music when he was 23 and it was by 2014 he began to find interest in Djs work and dance m...
New limited Redux T-Shirt
New limited Redux T-Shirt
Double support from Aly & Fila for the new TrancEye
Double support from Aly & Fila for the new TrancEye